The company has an expertise in equator species like: Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna (only abundant in Caribbean Sea and The Gulf of Mexico), different types of Snappers, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Spiny Lobsters and other pelagic fish.

Production lines

CTI’s production lines are divided into three main ones namely: Fresh, Fresh-Frozen and Frozen Products.

Fresh Products

These products come directly to the company from the sea where they were caught. Our logistical chains are short and safe, this ensures the best quality for our clients.

Fresh-Frozen Products

These products are caught directly from the sea and are frozen immediately after the catch! Fresh-Frozen, in this case, means that these products received the so-called blast-freezing method, which uses sub-zero (in terms of Fahrenheit) temperatures and super-chilled air “blasted” at the product. These products are hand-cut and picked; these products are caught in their season to ensure the best quality and price. Overall, this is a more traditional freezing method.

Frozen Products

Just like fresh and fresh-frozen products, the frozen products are also caught at sea. These products are frozen in a more mechanical process and in bigger numbers. The process goes faster in the sense that hand selection is minimized and these products are caught throughout the year.

South American import

Due to a high seafood demand which is constantly growing worldwide but also on Curaçao and Bonaire, CTI has set-up supplying routes of fresh seafoods from South-America, this was necessary to meet the expectations of our customers who want the best quality one can get. Surinam in this case is leading in supplying Yellowfin Tuna, Lane Snappers, Corvina, and exotic species like Cobia.

European import

CTI finds it important to provide our customers with a complete seafood and fish package therefore we work together with our partner W&A Fish from Yrseke (the Netherlands). This company has an expertise in European fish and seafood such as: Dover sole, Norwegian Salmon, Dutch Mussels and other pearls of the North Sea. W&A Fish serves clients all over the world namely: Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Also, they source their products in different countries. Together with W&A Fish we are able to offer high quality products, a short supply chain and thus a fast service!


Caribbean Tuna International is a dealer of the famous oyster company called World of Oysters which is also based in Yerseke (The Netherlands). World of Oysters is a family owned oyster producing, importing and exporting company which bring their high quality products to different continents and to Curaçao! Furthermore, the oysters that World of Oysters delivers are sourced from places all over Europe, with long-term relationships with oyster farmers across Europe, World of Oysters knows how to source the best oysters. World of Oysters has an innovative filtration system in their plant where they can apply filtration methods in their systems to create a higher quality of their products. This filtration system is unique in the Netherlands. Important to note is that due to the very tight supply-chain the the company is able to export the oysters to its Curaçao based customers within 24hrs.

Interesting fact: the lead-time from World of Oysters (Netherlands) to Caribbean Tuna International (Curaçao) is superfast. The oysters are hand-picked out of the water on Monday morning and you can eat our delicious oysters on Tuesday evening in the restaurants on Curaçao! That is in some situations even quicker than Dutch restaurants experience.