In order to be able to meet our clients highest expectations in multiple seafood areas, CTI has set-up partnerships around to world to source any kind of seafood.

Marisa Fisheries / Ocean Delight

Marisa Fisheries is a company established in Paramaribo, Suriname (North-east coast of South America). It owns thirteen fishing trawlers, all equipped with chillers and ice-bunkers, whose target species are e.g.: Snappers, Weakfish, King Fish, Ribbon Fish, Croakers and many others. The fishing trawlers each make trips of maximum 4 days, which guarantees the quality of the fish. In the Paramaribo based facility, Marisa is working in a temperature controlled environment with the latest equipment. It also includes a 650 square feet chiller in which their self-supplying ice bunker is situated and in which fresh fish is stored before processing.  In the factory the fish is either being packed on ice for fresh export to Europe, US, and since 2019 also to Curaçao.

Ocean Delight is a new factory in Surinam which officially opened in 2019. Ocean Delight is a new processing factory where the seafood processing of the two current companies Marisa Fisheries and Suvveb NV will be combined.

Via CTI Curaçao and Bonaire based customers can enjoy the ‘excellent fish from Suriname’ delivered by Marisa Fisheries and Ocean Delight.


Since its establishment in 2006, W&A FISH has grown into a renowned fish supplier for wholesale and catering. A large part of their customer base has one or more Michelin stars. Furthermore, they also deliver custom work to a large chain of concept restaurants. Partly due to their geographical location in Yerseke (Zealand, Netherlands) they are extremely strong in fresh seafood.

Their portfolio consists of a variety of products such as: fish, lobsters, crabs, scallops, langoustines, mussels, oysters and other shellfish. All these varieties are packed fresh from the various parcels on the day of delivery. Every day W&A buys the most beautiful North Sea fish at 10-15 auctions throughout Europe. Several local fishermen, who fish on the Grevelingen and the Oosterschelde, regularly release their catch directly to the company. This ensures that they have the very best raw materials on a daily basis.

All fish is expertly processed in their own production area, which is set up according to all HACCP standards, and further distributed according to each specification of the customer. W&A FISH export weekly to: Germany, Switzerland, the Far East and to Curacao.

Also, W&A FISH produces ‘’fresh frozen’’ seafoods for CTI to offer the best value for money. Please see more about the ‘Fresh Frozen concept’ in the Products area of the CTI website.

World of Oysters

As a family business, they have been active in shellfish farming since 1906, building up a reputation for quality, hard work and respect for nature and the seas they work in. They are based in Yerseke, the Netherlands, where they grow, harvest, and share their oysters with the world,  as well as travelling to meet other farmers around the world, visiting beautiful regions and their oyster farms. What they see is the same dedication to their beautiful product, as well as a huge variety of farming techniques, species, tastes and meat ratios. These trips are the start of their cooperation’s with some of these unique farmers and families: truly a World of Oysters. A community brought together by enthusiasm for their work with nature and passion for oysters.

World of Oysters is a farmer’s collaboration, they focus on sharing their knowledge and distribution therefore they can offer a broad range of oysters around the world.

All of their oysters are tested by an independent institute and their packaging and supply chain meets strict measurements. Furthermore, due to the fact they immediately collaborate from the source onwards, they ensure excellent proficiency without any unnecessary constraints and that’s why they can offer a various assortment of oysters via one main channel.

CTI is an official World of Oyster dealer on Curaçao and Bonaire.